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Blues Drivers just messin with the blues!

new one only english for moment :

for moment we works with soul and jazz influenses I can tell and off course its rockin. The Band is BluesDrivers where I plays the keyboards and harmonicas and doing sometimes noice in the backupvocals. Kerstin is the singer. she is young and upcoming and what a beaty. Dan is the great guitar player doing the fast solos often. Janne backups at guitar. Ubbe greate bass player which we cannot be without. Conny our new drummer still young. And me Christer piano organ and harmonica.

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Conny to the left                                       

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        Some tunes from bluesfestival this year 2007 and other good music






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Festivals and pubs been our market or why not a party

Blues Drivers is a bluesband located to Norrtelje 70 km north Stockholm, sweden. We got our roots in the Chicagoblues from the late fifties with a big inspiration from the brittish blues in the sixties.The dancefloor doesnt use to be empty during a gig with Bluesdrivers!